What to Expect:

Every session will be unique just as we are as individuals.  No two sessions will ever be alike, trust me, I can promise you that.  My goal is to capture who you are without a word being said.  This is to be fun not stressful.  I want you to look at these images in the future and be able to hear your childs laughter.  Children rarely pose nor do I like posed photography.  This is REAL, NATURAL, SIMPLE Photography.



I am a natural light photographer which mean I take the majority of my photographs outside using Gods natural sunlight.  The best part about this is that I come to you.  I do not have a studio but I will do may best to make the light work for me in your own home if we are unable to go outside.  Outside is ideal but is not always available due to unlying circumstances.  If youhave a great location for pictures, TELL ME, if not I will find you one.  Becasue I am a natural light photographer timing is everything.  So be on time.  If not , this will reflect in your images.


What time?

Earlier morning or evenings are usually best because of the angle of the sun.  Sometimes life is not perfect so we go with what we got.  This is for me to worry about not you. Remember STRESS FREE.


What to wear:

SIMPLE is always BEST

           *No busy patterns                                                                                                                  

           *Solid colors

           *Outfit changes

           *Props are great!!  (Favorite toys, balloons, cupcakes, bubbles, lip gloss etc,)